Certification Services Offered

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is a process and product based certification that reflects local and state environmental compliance combined with onsite inspections and laboratory analysis. This level of certification requires two inspections per crop cycle, one upon application acceptance and the other post-harvest and post processing. Inspectors will collect samples at both inspections and they will be tested for pesticide residues.  This level of certification will enable the use of the Envirocann logo on cannabis products to reflect that no toxic pesticide residues were detected on your final product. 

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 is our highest level of certification and is a process and product based certification. EnvirOganic certification reflects that all Envirocann standards regarding state and local environmental compliance are met and that organic management practices are being used, including regenerative land stewardship. This level of certification allows farmers to use both the Envirocann and the EnvirOganic logos on final cannabis products which reflects that no pesticide residues were detected. The EnvirOganic logo represents cannabis grown using exemplary practices, organic inputs, and in a manner exceeding current national organic standards.